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Stability is necessary for a power system operation. But the growth of solar and wind energy and the growth of electric transport cause local (large) fluctuations in supply and demand. These local instabilities affect the national grid. Matching local energy supply and demand is therefore important. But how do you ensure that a local solution complies with national and European regulations?

For local congestion, ready-made measures are limited to increasing the local network or (temporarily) disconnecting users. Various projects aim to develop a solution for this.

The Greenparc Bleiswijk project offers a solution for business parks. With this concept, service providers, together with grid managers, can provide local business parks with flexibility in energy consumption, production, and storage. The local supply and demand will be made optimally accessible for deployment on the energy market and to prevent grid reinforcements. This proof of concept must demonstrate that local congestion management works, that a local market can offer more flexibility, and it provides experience with user-acceptance of alternative network tariffs.

The project focuses on industrial research by private parties (Jules Energy, Greenparc Energy) in collaboration with DSO (Stedin). The consortium is supported by TU Eindhoven, consultancy BlueTerra and the VVEof the business park.

In addition to the development and linking of the platforms (grid safety platform, flexibility platform, and loading pile platform), technical tests will be carried out with control and data access. This will be carried out together with some entrepreneurs on the site.
This is one of the first projects in which the flexibility of large-scale users will be deployed in a local market setting.

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This research tests a market model business case for energy network flexibility in industrial parks in the Netherlands.

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Partners: BlueTerra Energy Experts, Energy experts international BV, Horti Vastgoed, Jules Energy Projects BV, Stedin BV

TUE betrokken: Aziiz Sutrisno, Floor Alkemade
Short titleSmart Grid Greenparc
Effective start/end date1/04/191/12/21

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  • smart grids
  • tariff setting
  • flexibility markets


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