RESCURE: Retrofit Security for Critical infrastructures

  • Willems, Frans (Project Manager)
  • Kusters, Lieneke (Project Officer)
  • Sartorius - ter Haar, Mariska, (Central Project administrator)
  • Keijzers, Annelies, (Contact Person invoices)
  • Keijzers, Annelies, (Decentral Project administrator)

Project: Research direct


RESCURE retrofits security in large scale IoT Critical Infrastructures (CIs). Therefore, within RESCURE, we aim to deliver a lower cost IoT security solution based on a patented SRAM-PUF technology, which provides secure storage and root-of-trust. On top, we will deliver security protocols that scale on Critical Infrastructures.
Effective start/end date1/02/1831/01/20