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Europe’s shifting demographics and the large increase in senior citizens is expected to put an unmanageable train on existing healthcare systems within Europe. The REACH (Responsive Engagement of the Elderly Promoting Activity and Customized Healthcare) project aims at creating a product service system that will evolve care environments into personalisable modular sensing, prevention and intervention systems that encourage senior citizens to live an active lifestyle, in order to improve their quality of health.

Our research is aimed at creating a better understanding of how we can motivate this user group in order to create tools and methodologies which support design for personalizing persuasive strategies toward an active lifestyle among senior citizens. In our user research, we explore how we can profile users to create strategies that more closely address their motivation.

Layman's description

Through this project, REACH aims to increase acceptability of sensing and monitoring solutions through focus on usability, personalization and safety.

Key findings

Controlled tests in naturalistic environments

We utilize a co-creation method to collaborate with stakeholders and senior citizens to ideate. Testing will take place in the naturalistic environment of the living labs our test-bed partners have arranged. Collaborating with these living labs allows ample opportunities for various use cases along the care continuum. Expertise from our industrial partners and our Business Process Design research group faculty members ensures early consideration of business and economic perspectives.
Short titleeploration of design for behavior change in the context of active ageing
Effective start/end date1/02/1631/01/21


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