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Pyrolysis is a thermochemical conversion technology that is suitable for a wide range of residual materials and renewable raw materials, varying from different types of biomass and biomass residual flows to waste streams such as mixed or contaminated plastics and car tires. In the Netherlands, this amounts to 2.5 million tonnes / year of residual streams that are currently being incinerated or recycled at low value. Pyrolysis could be an attractive processing method to upgrade the residual flows from all kinds of sectors, including agro-food, (bio) chemistry and recycling, into liquid (transport) fuels or raw materials for the chemical industry. Hence it is eminently a technology that connects different sectors with each other. Due to the large presence of both the chemical and agro-food sector in the south of the Netherlands, pyrolysis offers excellent opportunities for creating new value chains between or within these sectors. However, the challenge of fully utilizing the potential of pyrolysis and making pyrolysis a commercially viable process lies the ability to convert the lowest possible quality of raw material into the highest possible quality product.The aim of the Pyrolysis Living Lab South Netherlands project is to demonstrate by means of 4 different pyrolysis technologies and an open innovation strategy about 30 unique value chains with pyrolysis technology. Residual streams offered in the Southern Netherlands are converted into the highest possible quality product: (transport) ) fuels and raw materials for the regional industry, which processes these further into end products. In this way, cross-sectoral value chains can be created. Business cases will be validated within the project, so that ultimately commercial pyrolysis installations can be rolled out in the southern Netherlands and beyond. Precisely by combining different pyrolysis technologies in one project, a reliable overview can be obtained over the spectrum of raw materials and end products for which pyrolysis can offer commercially viable solutions. This pilot project will set up the cluster and demonstrate the business case for the technology by demonstrating value chains based on pyrolysis so that the cluster can then operate independently and pyrolysis can be rolled out. Whereas the Pyrolysis Living Lab South Netherlands project has clear frameworks, the final cluster that is formed in this project must be given a very open character: it is open to new raw materials, pyrolysis techniques and end products.
People involved in this project: Bart Somers & Shuli Wang
Short titlePyrolysis test ground
Effective start/end date26/02/1628/02/21