PATRIOT Eurostars Pufs: Anchors of Trust in Resource constralned envirOnmenTs

  • Willems, Frans M.J. (Project Manager)
  • Kusters, C.J. (Lieneke) (Project member)
  • Keijzers, Annelies (Decentral Project administrator)
  • Croes, Shareen (Central Project administrator)
  • Sanders, Rianne (Project communication officer)
  • Alvarado, Alex (Project communication officer)
  • Chen, Bin (Project member)

Project: Research direct

Project Details


PATRIOT provides an alternative for outdated password-based security and costly secure elements. The solution is 2-factor authentication using unclonable hardware. For this, PUFs that provide unique fingerprints for chips and which have been vetted for government & defense use will be brought to mass consumer markets. PATRIOT will port PUFs to resource constrained devices that are popular among end-users (mobiles/wearables), where they will be used for strong authentication and key storage.
Short titlePATRIOT Eurostars
Effective start/end date1/10/1530/09/17


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