NAPAS: Nanometer-accurate planar actuation system

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The NAPAS project aims to overcome the fundamental limits of the dynamic accuracy of moving magnet planar motors by developing a highly accurate and experimentally verified understanding of the dynamics of the coil-magnet interactions together with the development of a control system that, by exploiting this knowledge, capable of significantly improving high-speed positioning and bordering the one-billion-ratio objective. The project focus is on improving the understanding of the dynamic multiphysical electromagnetic-mechanical-thermal behavior of moving-magnet planar motors with commutation effects, developing new design principles, exploring material choices, dynamic calibration (auto-tuning), estimation and control techniques for reducing the influence of unpredictable disturbances to support predictable and high-performance nano motion of the new 450 mm wafers. The project envisions new and challenging research in developing better models to predict parasitic electromagnetic effects such as eddy currents and the effect of thermal and
force distributions in the planar motor on wafer deformations. Based on this knowledge, new online calibration methods for coil-magnet plate interaction, in-line observers and measurement methods for determining the dynamic deformation of the wafer translator during movements, and new commutation and control methods for guaranteeing the specified motion requirements will be developed. The final goal is to move a plate holding permanent magnets with nanometer precision in a plane 4 times the size of the plate. Measurements and implementation will be carried out on a state-of-the-art planar motor equipped with a measurement system with sub-nanometer resolution.
Short titleNAPAS (CS) STW13320
Effective start/end date20/02/151/09/22


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