Multi-dimensional coded modulation for Maximizing NonLinear CAPacity in the Optical Channel

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The capacity of the current infrastructure can be unlocked by addressing the challenging aspects of the nonlinear Kerr effect in optical fibres. The Multi-dimensional Coded Modulation for Maximizing NonLinear CAPacity in the Optical Channel (NLCAP) project proposal will address flexibility in the optical transmission links leveraging the concept of Multi-dimensional (MD) modulation formats, which will be optimized to increase spectral efficiency. In addition, considering the nonlinear regime, novel MD formats will be developed to maximize performance enabling the transponder to be tuned according to transmission distance and required transmission performance. These MD constellations will be designed based on geometric shaping, which will be adapted to variable channel conditions, thereby supporting flexible grid, flexible rates and hence, flexible distances in the nonlinear regime.

In this project, we will optimize the coded modulation system to approach this capacity limit. For example, the following animation shows an optimized 2D constellation formats, which are designed to maximize the achieve information rate (AIR) for different SNR channel conditions.
Effective start/end date1/06/1731/03/19


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