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Metal-to-Power (M2P) is a new, promising technology of power generation by combustion/oxidation of metal powders. When established, the M2P technology has the potential to replace currently used, depleting hydrocarbon fuels in many high-energy-density applications (for example in coal fired power stations, high-temperature heating processes in industry or heavy-duty transport like ships and trucks). A technical implementation of the ideas behind M2P technology requires a lot of scientific knowledge, which is currently lacking. By studying (both experimentally and numerically) the behavior of elemental dust flames as a function of different parameters and conditions in this project, we strive to provide knowledge on flame propagation in metal dusts. Such knowledge is of key importance for making well-justified, meaningful decisions during the development of prototype devices based on the M2P technology. People involved in this project: Philip de Goey, Rob Bastiaans, Jeroen van Oijen, Hans van Griensven & Lyon Hegh.

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Towards implementation of metal powders as CO2-free fuels, development of experimental and numerical tools

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Short titleM2P
Effective start/end date1/11/1931/10/23


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