INTENSE - Innovative NeuroTEchNology for SociEty 17619

Project: Second tier

Project Details


In the field of neurotechnology, the connection is made between advances in the understanding of brain function and technological possibilities to write to and read from the brain. Due to a recent surge in technological possibilities to connect to the brain, the potential of brain-machine interfaces is increasing rapidly allowing to open doors of people with impairments such as blindness and deafness. The NOW-crossover project “INTENSE”(Innovative Neuro TEchNology for SociEty) links digital technology to the nervous system to restore functionality.

Layman's description

Within the INTENSE project, the electromagnetics group of Eindhoven university of technology (TU/e) plays an important role: we will take care of the high-performance wireless link. 
Effective start/end date1/07/2031/08/25