Everyday Sounds of Dementia

  • Brankaert, Rens (Project Manager)
  • Gerrits, Elize, (Central Project administrator)
  • Brankaert, Rens (Project Officer)
  • Schoumacher, Jeanette, (Project communication officer (old))
  • Eggen, Berry (Project Officer)
  • Bakker, Saskia (Project Officer)
  • van Mierlo, Patricia, (Contact Person invoices)
  • van Mierlo, Patricia, (Decentral Project administrator)
  • Houben, Maarten (Project Officer)

Project: Research direct


The project “Everyday Sounds of Dementia” aims to research the potential of sound and soundscapes in design of technology and services for people living with dementia. In this process, new knowledge will be generated concerning: 1) how to involve people living with dementia and their carers in design research, 2) suitable design propositions for people with dementia and the potential impact of the design results in the care context considering the different stakeholders, and 3) how ambient sound can contribute to the wellbeing of people living with dementia.
Effective start/end date1/03/1819/04/21


  • Dementia
  • Sound
  • Sounds
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