Data Analytics for Trade Lane Risk Assessments and Control (DARA)

  • Croes, Shareen, (Central Project administrator)
  • Jansen, Richard, (Contact Person invoices)
  • Jansen, Richard, (Decentral Project administrator)
  • Akçay, Alp (Project Manager)
  • Akçay, Alp (Project Officer)
  • Benckhuijsen - Mertens, Petra, (Central Project administrator)
  • Zhang, Yingqian (Project Officer)
  • Faghih Roohi, Shahrzad (Project Officer)

Project: Research direct


The project ‘Data Analytics for Trade Lane Risk Assessments and Control’ conducts research into innovative solutions to optimize trade lane risk management for global pharmaceutical logistics.

Layman's description

We aim to develop advanced data analytics solutions that can significantly improve current risk assessments and result in further trade lane optimization for global pharmaceutical logistics
Effective start/end date1/06/1731/05/19