Community-based Virtual Power Plant

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cVPP is a unique project for TU/e. It gives a very rare opportunity to set real innovations in practice and study them. This is very different to our daily routines, when we study innovations that are initiated by others and that happened in the past. Given the current sustainability challenges and the urgency to act, this is the right way to go. 

The project focuses on: 
1) Design & establishment of 3 cVPPs in The Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland 
2) Development of a Mobilisation & Replication (MoRe) model to guide new communities in configuring of their own cVPPs3) Replication of cVPP to 9 new communities4) Upscaling of cVPP

The concept offers a community the opportunity to provide its energy needs with small-scale, distributed low-carbon technologies with participation from individual consumers, local energy companies or SMEs. It can empower prosumers and contribute to the democratisation of energy markets. This process spurs awareness and public engagement in the energy transition. By doing so, it facilitates upscaling of low-carbon energy community-driven initiatives that have, so far, missed critical mass to trigger the energy transition.

Layman's description

A novel model of radical decarbonisation based on empowerment of low-carbon community driven energy initiatives

Key findings

Project Partners:
Eindhoven University of Technology (Lead Partner), Tipperary Energy Agency, Stichting Duurzame Projecten Loenen, EnerGent, Gemeente Apeldoorn, Kamp C, Templederry Renewable energy Supply Limited. T/A Community, Duneworks, Friends of the Earth, Alliander, USEF, Ecopower, Claremorris and western District Energy Cooperative Ltd., Limerick Community Grocery Ltd, Energy Communities Tipperary Cooperative Ltd., Aran Islands Energy Cooperative, Smart M Power Ltd., Tipperary County Council, Rescoop EU
Effective start/end date20/09/1730/06/22