CERTIFication of production process quality through Artificial Intelligence

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To that end, it operationalizes the large amounts of data generated by machines in a production process. However, to achieve this, the data must be properly prepared, cast into a model, and analyzed. To that end, in this project a generically applicable toolkit will be developed that consists of techniques and methods from the areas of data science, artificial intelligence and operations research that make this possible. The toolkit is considered to become applicable as the project runs, by implementing and using it at partner organizations to certify production processes and diagnose production problems.

Layman's description

CERTIF-AI facilitates the certification that a production process leads to quality products and, when this is not the case, diagnose the problems in the production process.

Key findings

Project partners:
- Sioux Lime
- Brightcape
- Additive Industries
- Omron
- Damen Shipyards
- UNIT040

Funding organization: NWO

Staff involved at TU/e:
Remco Dijkman
Zararah Bukhsh
Burcak Agridag
Ivo Adan
Boudewijn van Dongen
Effective start/end date1/11/2031/10/24


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