AdvAR4AIServ: Advanced Augmented Reality Solutions for AI-based Servitization

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ASML provides leading patterning solutions that drive the advancement of microchips. The main pillars of the organization are R&D, manufacturing, and customer support. ASML envisions that the trend towards service growth will affect its business, especially when the business becomes vastly mature. In particular, ASML envisions the need to broaden its customer value proposition with innovative services and to generate opportunities with its increasing install base in this new era. This justifies rethinking the interaction between ASML and its customers: cost-plus pricing, the currently dominant pricing method, reached its limits in enabling further service growth. In addition, Augmented Reality (AR) creates a potential for enhancing the real-world environment with digital information. AR has received an increasing amount of attention over recent years. Currently, widespread availability of the enabling hardware, such as Microsoft Hololens and RealWear, has been recognized for a wide variety of applications. We will investigate the application of AR in the service process of ASML.
Short titleTKI-HTSM/21.0118/TKI2112P07
Effective start/end date1/10/205/02/26




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