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With constantly increasing requirements on accuracy, productivity and yield, high-end manufacturing equipment has to support increasing levels of cleanliness. Sensitivity for particle, molecular and ionic contamination of advanced processes like semiconductor photolithography and electron microscopy increases with the capability for finer details and higher magnifications. The achievable cleanliness of equipment depends on the one hand on specific product design decisions and on the other hand on tight cleanliness control of parts manufacturing, assembly and integration processes.
As a Tier-1 supplier to many high-end equipment OEMs in semiconductor, analytical, photonic and healthcare industries, VDL Enabling Technologies Group (VDL ETG), having its own design and engineering capabilities, is pro-actively developing capabilities in product design as well as in production process design to support increasing requirements on cleanliness. Where gaps in knowledge exist, VDL ETG will support research to further the state-of-art.
The purpose of this project is to deepen our fundamental understanding of the generation, transport and removal of particle contamination. The scale is determined by levels where the contamination affects processing of current and next generation semiconductor devices or various kinds of analysis such as electron microscopy, mass spectrometry, spectroscopy etc.
The project is designed to be executed by three PhD candidates in combination with six PDEng trainees, such that fundamental research activities will be combined with application driven validation measurements and prototypes.
Effective start/end date15/04/1930/11/23




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