3D burner/boiler modelling with hydrogen-rich mixture with focus on flash-back

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When hydrogen is added to natural gas (up to 70%), the combustion process changes dramatically. The burning velocity increases considerably and also the heat transfer to the burner increases sharply due to enhanced burning and preferential diffusion. It is the aim of this project to develop new or improve existing burner decks which create stable combustion using burner decks with combinations of slits and holes (and combinations) in for instance tubular shaped burners. Main aim of this project is to: - Investigate physics of flashback of Hydrogen flames by varying burner geometrical parameters. - Advance development of a flamelet based combustion model which accurately captures the associated physics and is computationally cheaper than detailed chemistry. - Predict flashback limits for full 3D burner/boiler setups. - Emissions prediction. People involved in this project: Philip de Goey & Faizan Vance
Effective start/end date1/10/1930/06/21


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