Most Significant Paper Award IEEE International Test Conference (ITC'08)

  • Marinissen, Erik Jan (Recipient), Arendsen, R. (Recipient), Bos, G. A. A. (Recipient), Dingemanse, H. (Recipient), Lousberg, G. E. A. (Recipient) & Wouters, C. R. (Recipient)

Prize: OtherCareer, activity or publication related prizes (lifetime, best paper, poster etc.)Scientific


for Erik Jan Marinissen, Robert Arendsen, Gerard Bos, Hans Dingemans, Maurice Lousberg, Clemens Wouters, 'A Structured and Scalable Mechanism for Test Access to Embedded Reusable Cores', IEEE International Test Conference (ITC'98), Washington, D.C, October 1998, pp. 284-293
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsIEEE International Test Conference 2008

Awarded at event

Event title2008 IEEE International Test Conference (ITC 2008)
LocationSanta Clara, CA, United States
Period20 Oct 2008 → 24 Oct 2008