Best Visualization Award at D4D Challenge 2015

  • van den Elzen, Stef (Recipient), van Dortmont, Martijn (Recipient), Blaas, J. (Recipient), Holten, D. H. R. (Recipient), Buenen, J. (Recipient), Van Hage, W. R. (Recipient), van Wijk, Jack J. (Recipient), Spousta, R. (Recipient), Sala, S. (Recipient), Chan, S. (Recipient) & Kuzmickas, A. (Recipient)

Prize: OtherCareer, activity or publication related prizes (lifetime, best paper, poster etc.)Scientific


Best visualization award for our work on the Exploration and Analysis of Massive Mobile Data.
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsUN Global Pulse, New York, NY, USA

Awarded at event

Event titleConference on the Analysis of Mobile Phone Datasets (NETMOB 2015), Media Lab, MIT (Cambridge, USA)
Location, Cambridge, United States
Period7 Apr 2015 → 10 Apr 2015