Archiprix Nederland, eervolle vermelding

  • van Kaathoven, B.A.H.L. (Bram) (Recipient)

Prize: OtherDiscipline relatedProfessional


"The extremely thorough architecture-history research that underlies this design yields a great wealth of information. The design is interesting, and the designer seeks ways to enhance the continuity of the architecture and the city. The study concentrates on the architecture of the Baroque and the Fascist era. The plan preserves its objectivity and stays clear of the ideological connotations that his architecture could evoke. Opinions of the jury were divided as to whether or not this should be seen as a provocation. The designer has opted for a location between a Baroque and a Fascist ensemble. The design endeavours to mediate between them in order to achieve continuity in the urban image. This task is addressed with the utmost precision. Developing on elements from Fascism as well as from the Baroque, the design may be viewed as traditional. Within this limitation however, the detailed elaboration displays a rich interpretation of the references. It fuses the adjacent ensembles seamlessly together. The presentation of the design remains rather summary." - Jury report (p. 106)

Jury: Vibeke Gieskes, Bianca Seekles, Jan Willem ter Steege, Anouk Vogel en Jeroen de Willigen. Coordinator: Henk van der Veen.
Degree of recognitionNational