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Supervised Work


Automatic detection of vascular bifurcations and crossovers in retinal images

Author: Smit-Ockeloen, I., 31 Aug 2015

Supervisor: Abbasi Sureshjani, S. (Supervisor 1), Bekkers, E. (Supervisor 2) & ter Haar Romenij, B. (Supervisor 2)

Student thesis: Master

Geometric image denoising and machine learning

Author: Smets, B., 2019

Supervisor: Duits, R. (Supervisor 1), Bekkers, E. (Supervisor 2) & Portegies, J. W. (Supervisor 2)

Student thesis: Master


Improving on vascular tracking using sub-Riemannian geodesics

Author: Smets, B. M., 31 Aug 2017

Supervisor: Duits, R. (Supervisor 1) & Bekkers, E. (Supervisor 2)

Student thesis: Bachelor


Multiple fundus features in early diabetes detection

Author: Huang, F., 31 Oct 2013

Supervisor: ter Haar Romenij, B. (Supervisor 1), Bekkers, E. (Supervisor 2) & Berendschot, T. (Supervisor 2)

Student thesis: Master

Supervised artery/vein classification in retinal images via local and contextual feature analysis

Author: Eppenhof, K., 28 Feb 2015

Supervisor: Bekkers, E. (Supervisor 1) & ter Haar Romenij, B. (Supervisor 2)

Student thesis: Master