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Student theses

Behaviour and morphology of self-assemblies of pH-responsive polyurethane ionomers

Author: Song, S., 29 Nov 2017

Supervisor: Voets, I. K. (Supervisor 1), Sahebali, S. (Supervisor 2), Tuinier, R. (Supervisor 2) & Sijbesma, R. P. (Supervisor 2)

Student thesis: Master

Super-resolution microscopy on single particles straddling fluid interfaces: unveiling the dependence of contact angles on particle size

Author: Filonova, K. V., 31 Jan 2018

Supervisor: Aloi, A. (Supervisor 1), Giakoumatos, E. (Supervisor 2), Voets, I. (Supervisor 2), Meijer, E. (Supervisor 2) & de Jong, A. (Supervisor 2)

Student thesis: Master

Unravelling the effect of crystallinity and dispersity on the self-assembly behaviour of block copolymers in water

Author: Vleugels, M., 27 Feb 2019

Supervisor: Petkau - Milroy, K. (Supervisor 1), Meijer, B. (Supervisor 2), Voets, I. (Supervisor 2) & Palmans, A. (Supervisor 2)

Student thesis: Master