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Student theses

Computational plasticity for very large strains: a Eulerian approach

Author: Dautzenberg, L., 30 Jun 2013

Supervisor: Peerlings, R. (Supervisor 1), Geers, M. (Supervisor 2), van Dommelen, J. (Supervisor 2) & Hulsen, M. (Supervisor 2)

Student thesis: Master

Contact mechanics of isotactic polypropylene

Author: Looijmans, S., 2017

Supervisor: Anderson, P. (Supervisor 1) & van Breemen, L. (Supervisor 2)

Student thesis: Master

Craze initiation in glassy polymer systems

Author: Bressers, O., 31 Jan 2002

Supervisor: Meijer, H. (Supervisor 1), van Melick, H. (Supervisor 2), Govaert, L. (Supervisor 2) & den Toonder, J. (External coach)

Student thesis: Master

Estimation of entropy of random variables to analyze a stochastic model

Author: van Schooten, B. E., 14 Aug 2019

Supervisor: Peletier, M. (Supervisor 1), Hütter, M. (Supervisor 2) & Di Bucchianico, A. (Supervisor 2)

Student thesis: Bachelor


Experiments and modeling study to describe the hygroscopic strain in paper

Author: van der Zanden, M., 31 Jul 2013

Supervisor: Saes, L. (External coach), Peerlings, R. (Supervisor 1), Geers, M. (Supervisor 2) & Schreurs, P. (Supervisor 2)

Student thesis: Master

Scratch Performance Of Filled Epoxy Systems

Author: Looijmans, S., 2015

Supervisor: van Breemen, L. (Supervisor 1) & Krop, S. (Coach)

Student thesis: Bachelor

Towards 3D printed scaffolds for the tissue engineering of soft tubular structures

Author: Frankfort, M., 25 Jan 2018

Supervisor: Bouten, C. (Supervisor 2), Anderson, P. (Supervisor 1), Dankers, P. (Supervisor 2), Hofmann, S. (Supervisor 2), Ippel, B. (Supervisor 2), Hejmady, P. (Supervisor 2) & van Waalwijk van Doorn, E. (External coach)

Student thesis: Master