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Best Paper Award

GertJan van Heijst (Recipient), 1 Jul 2012

Prize: OtherCareer, activity or publication related prizes (lifetime, best paper, poster etc.)Scientific

NWO grant for studying the transport of suspended material in the Dutch Wadden Sea

Theo Gerkema (Recipient) & Matias Duran Matute (Recipient), 2019

Prize: NWOOtherScientific

NWO VIDI NWO grant 864.09.001

Folkert Boersma (Recipient), 1 Sep 2010

Prize: NWOVidiScientific

Turbulent Rotating Convection to the Extreme

R.P.J. Kunnen (Recipient), 2015

Prize: ERCStartingScientific

Understanding and controlling the flow of human crowds

A. Corbetta (Recipient), 2018

Prize: NWOVeniScientific