Department of the Built Environment

Projects 2012 2021


Sustainable, architectural, future scenarios for GGzE De Grote Beek

Sartorius - ter Haar, M., Bekkering, J., Klein, C., Klein, C. & Dimitrova, K.


Project: Research direct

Bio based composite materials in Pavilion and Canopy design

Schröder, T., Klein, C., Klein, C., Gerrits, E., Blok, R., Teuffel, P. & Kuit, B.


Project: Research direct

MateriArt "Art and Science of Materiality in Architectural Design Education"

Curulli, I., Bekkering, J., Klein, C., Klein, C. & van der Avoird, M.


Project: Research direct

ROCK - Regeneration and Optimisation of Cultural heritage in creative and Knowledge cities

Massaad, H., Massaad, H., Dane, G., van der Avoird, M., Dane, G., Derakhshan, S., Ettefagh, T. & Kruizinga, M.


Project: Research direct

Smart Cycling Futures: Innovations in Urban Design and Planning

van Wesemael, P., Klein, C., Klein, C., Liu, G. & Gerrits, E.


Project: Research direct

SPARK Impuls (Science park facilities and the role of ecosystem formation)

Appel - Meulenbroek, R., Weijs - Perrée, M., Massaad, H., Massaad, H., Appel - Meulenbroek, R., Arentze, T., Ng, B., Kruizinga, M. & Sartorius - ter Haar, M.


Project: Research direct

SCRIPTS - Smart Cities Responsive Intelligent Public Transport Systems

Timmermans, H., Massaad, H., Massaad, H., Feneri, A., Gerrits, E., Caiati, V., Jang, S. & Kruizinga, M.


Project: Research direct

DESENT – Smart decision support system for urban energy and transportation

Timmermans, H., Massaad, H., Massaad, H., Feng, T., Yang, D., Gerrits, E., Gu, G., Kruizinga, M., Kim, S. & Jang, S.


Project: Research direct

PVOpmaat: CustomFit: the integration of solar panels

Hensen, J., Loonen, R., van der Avoird, M., Klein, C., Klein, C. & Bognár, Á.


Project: Research direct

TtT: Tools to tackle environmental health problems

Eijkemans, C., Hornikx, M., Klein, C., Klein, C., Trikootam, S. & van Dorst, K.


Project: Research direct


de Vries, B., de Vries, B., Massaad, H., Massaad, H., Yang, D., van der Avoird, M. & Kruizinga, M.


Project: Research direct