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Research Output


Structural characterizations of the navigational expressiveness of relation algebras on a tree

Fletcher, G. H. L., Gyssens, M., Paredaens, J., Van Gucht, D. & Wu, Y., 2015, s.n. 58 p. (arXiv; vol. 1502.03258 [cs.DB])

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Relative expressive power of navigational querying on graphs

Fletcher, G. H. L., Gyssens, M., Leinders, D., Surinx, D., Van den Bussche, J., Van Gucht, D., Vansummeren, S. & Wu, Y., 2014, s.n. 29 p. (arXiv; vol. 1401.8201 [cs.DB])

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I/O-efficient algorithms for localized bisimulation partition construction and maintenance on massive graphs

Luo, Y., Fletcher, G. H. L., Hidders, A. J. H., Wu, Y. & Bra, De, P. M. E., 2012, s.n. 15 p. (arXiv.org; vol. 1210.0748 [cs.DB])

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Similarity and bisimilarity notions appropriate for characterizing indistinguishability in fragments of the calculus of relations

Fletcher, G. H. L., Gyssens, M., Leinders, D., Van den Bussche, J., Van Gucht, D. & Vansummeren, S., 2012, s.n. 33 p. (arXiv.org; vol. 1210.2688 [cs.LO])

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I/O efficient bisimulation partitioning on very large directed acyclic graphs

Hellings, J., Fletcher, G. H. L. & Haverkort, H. J., 2011, (arXiv.org (cs.DS); vol. 1112.0857)

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