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Applied control of electrical drives: real time embedded and sensorless control using VisSim™ and PLECS™

Pulle, D. W. J., Darnell, P. & Veltman, A., 2016, Berlin: Springer. 417 p. (Power systems)

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Sensorless control
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Fundamentals of electrical drives

Veltman, A., Pulle, D. W. J. & de Doncker, R. W., 2016, 2 ed. Berlin: Springer. 341 p. (Power systems)

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Digital signal processors
Machine design
Knowledge engineering

Optimal control of hybrid vehicles

Jager, de, A. G., Keulen, van, T. A. C. & Kessels, J. T. B. A., 2013, London: Springer. 142 p. (Advances in industrial control)

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Advanced electrical drives : analysis, modeling, control

Doncker, de, R. W., Pulle, D. W. J. & Veltman, A., 2011, Berlin: Springer. (Power systems)

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Modeling and identification of linear parameter-varying systems

Toth, R., 2010, Berlin: Springer. 325 p. (Lecture notes in control and information sciences; vol. 403)

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System theory
Identification (control systems)
Model structures

Origins and successors of the compact disc : contributions of Philips to optical storage

Peek, J. B. H., Bergmans, J. W. M., Haaren, van, J. A. M. M., Toolenaar, F. J. C. M. & Stan, S. G., 2009, Dordrecht: Springer. 312 p. (Philips research book series; vol. 11)

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Battery management systems : accurate state-of-charge indication for battery-powered applications

Pop, V., Bergveld, H. J., Danilov, D., Notten, P. H. L. & Regtien, P. P. L., 2008, Dordrecht: Springer. (Philips research book series; vol. 9)

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Battery management systems

Fundamentals of electrical drives

Veltman, A., Pulle, D. W. J. & Doncker, de, R. W., 2007, Berlin: Springer. 345 p. (Power systems)

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Battery management systems : design by modelling

Bergveld, H. J., Kruijt, W. S. & Notten, P. H. L., 2002, Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. 295 p. (Philips research book series; vol. 1)

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Systems analysis
Battery management systems
Secondary batteries
Electrical engineering
Research laboratories

Multivariable system identification for process control

Zhu, Y., 2001, Amsterdam: Pergamon. 349 p.

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The CD-ROM drive : a brief system description

Stan, S. G., 1998, Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. 132 p.

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Verleden, heden en toekomst van de vakgroep Meten en Regelen 1959-1996

Boom, van den, A. J. W. (ed.), van den Brekel, C. A. M. (ed.), Huber, C. (ed.) & Ven, van de, H. H. (ed.), 1997, Eindhoven: Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. 163 p.

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Modeling, identification and simulation of dynamical systems

Bosch, van den, P. P. J. & Klauw, van der, A. C., 1994, London: CRC Press. 195 p.

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