Vibration rejection in gravitational wave research (ET Pathfinder)

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ETpathfinder is a R&D infrastructure for testing and prototyping innovative concepts and enabling technologies for the Einstein Telescope, the first of a new class of future gravitational wave observatories.

In order to develop new technologies required for the Einstein Telescope, scientists and companies from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are setting up a joint R&D facility: ETpathfinder, which is intended to develop the precision technology, coatings and optics as well as special measurement and control technology, seismic isolation, required for the Einstein Telescope and to test them in an ET-like environment.

The Technical University of Eindhoven participates in development of the Control Systems Technology of ETPathfinder. Our special interest is in the active vibration rejection and in the identification and tendering of the control system. It is expected that the main components will be purchased in 2021 and 2022.
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