Ultra-high Data-rate Systems

  • Jan Haagh (Researcher)
  • Rianne Sanders (Content manager)


Description of impact

The Ultra-high Data-rate Systems program focusses on managing the complexity and trade-offs among the individual subsystems and components of high speed and high capacity wireless systems.
The program covers network architectures and system design for application areas such as license free in house communications, next generation telecommunications as well as satellite communication systems. Another goal is to investigate technologies for further pushing data rates towards Terabits-per-second while keeping up with a rapidly growing number of connected devices. These technologies include multi-room architectures, advanced beamforming algorithms, cost-effective beam steering transceivers and antenna systems, front-end packaging and integration as well as the automatic configuration at all system levels for optimum adaptation to requirements and environment.
In all our work we consider the specific technology and market constraints of the application domains in order to make our solutions easily adoptable for valorization by our research partners or university start up companies.