Sustainable Operations Management

  • Marc Rosmalen (Content manager)

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Operations form the base of every organization, whether in manufacturing, service, or non-profit industries. Operations Management (OM) is a multidisciplinary field that addresses the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations of an organization.

In the past few decades firms have experienced increasing globalization and a shifting focus to competition among networks of firms. Due to these evolutions Supply Chain Management (SCM) field of OM has received increasing attention. Beamon (1999) defines the SCM approach as ‘an integrated process wherein a number of various business entities (i.e., suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers) work together in an effort to: (1) acquire raw materials, (2) convert these raw materials into specified final products, and (3) deliver these final products to retailers’.
However, lately firms are also experiencing that they need to incorporate sustainability at the core of their businesses. Indeed, the widespread concern over sustainability and in particular the climate change puts pressure on companies to become greener. It is imminent that the global pressure will increase in an increasing manner and that sustainability will -and should- increasingly drive Supply Chain Management Decisions.

This research line focusses the on sustainability of supply chains. It aims for solutions that make supply chains more sustainable, while maintaining efficiency.
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