Novel Integrated Reactor Concepts

  • Nina Romme-van Moll (Content manager)

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We work on integrated reactor concepts, where reaction and separation are integrated for an efficient process with reduced waste and increased yield. For instance, in membrane reactors either H2 or O2 membranes will be used for dehydrogenation and partial oxidation reaction (i.e., for ultra-pure hydrogen production or for gas-to-chemical production and for CCS and CCUS). By integrating reaction and separation, the yield and efficiency of the reaction system is increased, while the process is made more compact and inherently safer. We also work on integrated chemical looping and membranes and sorption enhanced membrane reactors. Other membrane reactor concepts to be studied foresee the use of CMS for water separation or product separation (such as in CO2 hydrogenation to alcohols or FTS).
Category of impactResearch Topic/Theme (at group level)