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In microfluidic systems, active control of fluids and species is essential. Examples are fluid pumping, mixing, mechanical actuation, micromechanical probing of cells and tissues, and biomolecule capture for diagnostics. We develop and apply micro-actuators, responsive surfaces, and magnetic bead actuation systems, to realize these functions. Our approaches are often biologically inspired, translating principles from nature into technological innovations. In addition, we develop methods to study meso-structured and soft materials such as gels, emulsions, foams, and polymers.

• Artificial cilia: Ye Wang, Zhuaizhong Zhang
• Self-cleaning responsive surfaces: Giuseppe Melpignano, Ye Wang, Hongbo Yuan
• Microfluidic artificial microvasculature: Andreas Pollet
• Magnetic control in handheld diagnostics: Sophia Shanko
• Actuated magnetic particles: Yang Gao, Stijn van Pelt

Previous Projects
• Sponge-like Particles: Frank Aangenendt
• Wearable sweat sensor: Chuan Nie
• Algae chip: Allison Schaap
• Microfluidic cooling: Daniel Florea
Category of impactResearch Topic/Theme (at group level)