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Description of impact

In this research line, we develop new concepts for microsystems that combine electrical, optical and/or mechanical functionalities. Examples are actuators and sensors for a wide range of applications, from lithography machines to new display principles to air quality sensing. One specific topic is neuromorphic computing, where we develop organic artificial synapses, integrated into interconnected networks capable of brain-inspired computing.

• Active wafer table: James Muganda
• Pollen detector: Jiajing Yang
• Neuromorphic computing: Vacancy
• Electrohydrodynamic display: Vacancy

Previous projects
• Vibrating microprobe: Martijn van Riel
• Gas sensor membranes: Stijn van Pelt
• Capillary self-assembly: Gari Arutinov
• Switchable topographies: Danqing Liu
Category of impactResearch Topic/Theme (at group level)