Biomedical microdevices

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In collaboration with biological, biomedical, and clinical groups, we develop biomedical microdevices to study and understand the behavior of cells, tissues, and organs. This work is aimed at learning about health and disease, and eventually developing novel therapies and medicines. Specifically, we develop organs on chips as in-vitro disease models focusing on brain and cancer, we study mechanical properties of single cells, and we develop technologies for in-vitro diagnostics.

• Cancer intravasation on a chip: Hossein Eslami Amirabadi
• Microfluidic breast cancer model: Jelle Sleeboom
• Brain on a chip: Alex Bastiaens
• 3D neuronal culture: Jean-Philippe Frimat
• Microfluidic kidney model: Xichen Zhang
• Smart glaucoma implant: Vacancy
• Printed microfluidic POC devices: Vacancy
• Heart on a chip: Vacancy

Previous Projects
• Cell Mechanics: Agnese Ravetto, Guansheng Du
Category of impactResearch Topic/Theme (at group level)