Active Sensing

  • Jan Haagh (Researcher)
  • Rianne Sanders (Content manager)


Description of impact

The electromagnetic spectrum in the frequency range between 100 GHz and 10 THz is referred to as terahertz range. For a long time it was extremely difficult to generate and receive THz waves. With the invention of terahertz time domain spectroscopy lab-scale equipment became available and a huge amount of fundamental and application related research has been performed. Nowadays the electronics as well as optical/photonics community is working on the next technology step to realize miniaturized and affordable terahertz systems. It will be these systems that will bring the wealth of terahertz applications from the laboratory to the real world where companies, medical centers as well as consumers will profit from the special detection and imaging properties of this frequency range.

Our research goal is to develop a technology that allows the implementation of small, inexpensive THz observation sensors and a way to use a narrow scanning radio beam. This program also contains a great deal of synergy with the other CWTe programs. We work on IC integration of terahertz systems, THz photonics and have close links with the Applied Physics department on Terahertz plasmonics. On the education side we teach a course on Terahertz systems for Master students and coach Bachelor, Master and PhD students on terahertz topics. Over the past decade we have built a strong ecosystem with companies in the Netherlands and abroad on terahertz topics in the area of sensing and imaging and cooperate with them in research projects.

For more information please contact the coordinator of the terahertz systems research program:
Prof. dr. M. K. Matters-Kammerer
+31 40 2472666