Mechanical Machining

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    Machining, EDM and Grinding

    Hembrug Mikroturn 100CNC precision turning lathe 1 µm, 65 Rc, work piece 350x750 mm
    EPC "Colath" diamond turning lathe 0.1 µm, roughness 3 nm.
    EPC Carrousel diamond turning lathe 0.1 µm, work piece diameter 300 mm, length 300 mm
    Kern CD480 CNC lathe
    Hermle C40U 5-axis CNC milling machine 5 µm, 1000x800x800 mm
    DMU 50 5-axis CNC milling machine
    DMC 635 3-axis CNC milling machine
    Agie Agiecut Excellence 2F wire EDM, work piece 300x300x350 mm
    Charmilles Robofil 440SL wire EDM, work piece 300x300x350 mm
    Walter Exeron 302 4-axis sinker EDM 0.01 mm, work piece 500x300x300 mm
    Jung HF 50RD surface grinder
    Sunnen MBC 1803 honing machine 1 µm, work piece 200 mm

    Welding and brazing

    EPC Vacuum brazing oven, work piece 300x300x350mm
    EPC High frequency vacuum brazing installation
    ROFIN Starweld SWMP 5002 Micro Laser welder
    Mig/Tig welding equipment


    Zeiss Scanmax 3D measuring machine 5 µm, work piece 500x500x500 mm
    Tallyround 51 roundness measuring machine 0.1 µm, work piece diameter 200 mm
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