“Amicon type” stirred cell

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    The“Amicon type” stirred cell is a simple and reliable method that allows toinsert membranes of choice for membrane analysis or for the treatment ofprocess streams. N2 pressure drives the filtration while gently magneticstirring just above the membrane surface minimizes the concentrationpolarization and the shear-stress induced denaturation.

    Themembrane containing dead-end pressure cell is equipped a pressure safetyrelieve valve that allows venting of air while filling the cell; a magneticstirring bar to minimize concentration polarization; a porous support platethat channels the permeated liquid to the outlet where the amount is measuredwith a top scale.

    Thestandard volume of the cell is 600 ml that can be increased by connecting adispensing pressure vessel (5 or 10 liter) to the stirred cell.

    •Determiningthe membrane permeability coefficient.
    •Determining the membrane retention and flux.
    •Buffer exchange or desalting.
    •Concentrating feed solutions.


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    Equipment and Prototype Center


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