Multi-echo resting-state fMRI networks of healthy volunteers



The dataset contains the resting-state networks of 16 healthy volunteers following multi-echo combination methods: 1) optimal combination 2) tSNR-weighted combination 3) tCNR-weighted combination (PAID method) 4) second echo only (single-echo) After echo combination by one of the methods (or the second echo) 30 independent components were extracted using group ICA and dual regression. Image format: Gunzipped NIfTI (.nii.gz) Time-series format: text file (.txt) The structure of the uploaded folder: - Layer 1: PilmeyerEtAl_ICA_maps_and_timeseries - main folder - Layer 2 (combination method): OC - optimal combination, SE- second echo, tCNR - temporal contrast-to-noise, tSNR - temporal signal-to-noise - Layer 3: groupICA_desc-XX - contains the group ICA maps and time-series before dual regression, sub-YY - folders for each of the 16 subjects - Layer 4: sub-YY_desc_XX - contains the individual extracted ICA maps and time-series
Date made available13 Aug 2021

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