Lagrangian statistics in turbulent channel flow



A set of Lagrangian statistics of passive tracers in a turbulent channel flow. The particle trajectories are obtained by means of integration of a simulated flow field, computed via Direct Numerical Simulation, at four different Reynolds numbers. The Reynolds numbers here employed are \(\mathrm{Re}_{\tau} = \frac{u_{\tau}\delta}{\nu} = 180,\,395,\,590,\,950\), where \(u_{\tau}\)is the frictional velocity, \(\delta\) is the channel half height and \(\nu\) is the kinematic viscosity.

Additional information about the database is provided in the included documentation.

v1.0 -> Added statistics at ReT = 950

v1.1 -> Added statistics at ReT = [180, 395, 590]

v1.2 -> Added statistics at ReT = 265
Date made available11 Jun 2021

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