JUnit 4.12 Software Event Log

  • Maikel Leemans (Creator)



XES software event log obtained through instrumenting JUnit 4.12 using the tool available at new windowhttps://svn.win.tue.nl/repos/prom/XPort/.
This event log contains method-call level events describing a single run of the JUnit 4.12 software, available at new windowhttps://mvnrepository.com/artifact/junit/junit/4.12 , using the input from new windowhttps://github.com/junit-team/junit4/wiki/Getting-started.
Note that the life-cycle information in this log corresponds to method call (start) and return (complete), and captures a method-call hierarchy.
Date made available15 Aug 2016
Publisher4TU.Centre for Research Data
Date of data production15 Aug 2016

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