CellSim3D: GPU accelerated software for simulations of cellular growth and division in three dimensions

  • Pranav Madhikar (Contributor)
  • Jan A. Åström (Contributor)
  • Jan Westerholm (Contributor)
  • Mikko Karttunen (University of Western Ontario) (Contributor)



We present a new open source software package CellSim3D for computer simulations of mechanical aspects (that is, biochemical details are not accounted for) of cell division in three dimensions. It is also possible to use the software in the mode with cell division and growth turned off which allows for simulations of soft colloidal matter. The code is based on a previously introduced two dimensional mechanical model for cell division which is extended to full 3D. CellSim3D is written in C/C++ and CUDA and allows for simulations of 100, 000 cells using standard desktop computers.
Date made available26 Jun 2018
PublisherMendeley Data

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