Additional file 3: of Three-dimensional greyscale transrectal ultrasound-guidance and biopsy core preembedding for detection of prostate cancer: Dutch clinical cohort study

  • Anouk A.M.A. van der Aa (Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis) (Contributor)
  • Christophe K. Mannaerts (Creator)
  • Maudy C.W. Gayet (Creator)
  • Hans van der Linden (Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis) (Contributor)
  • Barthold Philip Schrier (Creator)
  • J.P. Michiel Sedelaar (Contributor)
  • Massimo Mischi (Creator)
  • Harrie P. Beerlage (Amsterdam University Medical Center) (Creator)
  • Hessel Wijkstra (Creator)



Tumour biopsy characteristics among patients with positive biopsies. (XLSX 12 kb)
Date made available16 Apr 2019

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