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Learning analytics for Lix puzzle-game

Vahdat, M. (Creator), Carvalho, M. B. (Creator), Funk, M. (Creator), Rauterberg, G. W. M. (. (Creator), Hu, J. (Creator), Anguita, D. (Creator), EASY, 17 Jan 2017


NASA Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) Software Event Log

Leemans, M. (Creator), 4TU.Centre for Research Data, 21 Apr 2017


Disclosed Standard Essential Patents (dSEP) Database

Bekkers, R. N. A. (Creator), Catalini, C. (Creator), Martinelli, A. (Creator), Simcoe, T. (Creator), Righi, C. (Creator), Published by the creators of the dataset, Feb 2016


Road traffic fine management process

de Leoni, M. (Creator), Mannhardt, F. (Creator), 4TU.Centre for Research Data, 2015


Data from numerical simulations of topological structure and dynamics of three-dimensional active nematics

Banerjee, D. (Creator), Vitelli, V. (Creator), Toschi, F. (Creator), 4TU.Centre for Research Data, 11 Feb 2020


Heavy particles in turbulent flows RM-2007-GRAD-2048

Calzavarini, E. (Creator), Lanotte, A. (Creator), Bec, J. (Creator), Biferale, L. (Creator), Cencini, M. (Creator), Toschi, F. (Creator), 4TU.Centre for Research Data, 2011