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Data from numerical simulations of topological structure and dynamics of three-dimensional active nematics

Banerjee, D. (Creator), Vitelli, V. (Creator) & Toschi, F. (Creator), 4TU.Centre for Research Data, 11 Feb 2020


Database of femur samples

Hazrati Marangalou, J. (Creator), van Rietbergen, B. (Contributor) & Ito, K. (Contributor), Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, 2013


3D high resolution numerical simulations of the hydrodynamics of the Dutch Wadden Sea (hindcasting 2009-2011)

Duran Matute, M. (Creator), Gerkema, T. (Creator), de Boer, G. (Creator), Nauw, J. (Creator) & Gräwe, U. (Creator), NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, 2019