Underground & submarine power cables



The importance and variety of interesting subjects related to (underground and submarine) power cables is often under-estimated. While many people initially think of cables to be simple components of minor importance, once one learns about power cables in electrical energy systems, it becomes clear how much there is to know about these components, how crucial they are in any energy system and the fact that they are one of the essential enablers of the energy transition. Think for instance about (underground or submarine) cable connections to windfarms, distribution cables connecting the renewable distributed energy sources and (often long submarine high voltage) interconnecting cables connecting two grids. Power cables are often a considerable part of the investment of such projects or any grid, while they also have a significant impact on the overall grid reliability. The lectures will discuss the following subjects: design parameters, electrical and magnetic fields, cable types, applied materials, cable manufacture, cable joints and terminations, installation, testing, ageing, diagnostics and failures. Lectures are focused on power cables applied in the medium-voltage (e.g. 10 kV = power distribution) and (extra) high-voltage (up to 400 kV = power transmission) area, for both AC and DC, both underground and submarine. This course will not only discuss the theory, to understand the why behind things, but also make the clear links to practice, where real life application and many examples from the field with be shown and discussed. As the rate of power cables is extremely high in The Netherlands, much knowledge is available, but subjects will be treated from an international point of view. Several subjects will be discussed from an historical point of view and, of course, with an eye on the future. Often guest lectures by experts from the industry are included and often an excursion is being arranged once during the course period to a power cable relevant company (e.g. a power cable manufacturer or testing laboratory).
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