The sound of smart things



We are at the vanguard of a world in which systems of intricately networked smart devices are seamlessly blending into the fabric of our everyday world. One of the challenges for design within the creation of Systems of Smart Things is to give form to the invisible; to give form to the interface between the digital world and the physical. How does the digital world make itself known to us? How can it address us? How does it behave.One way to do this is by making use of sound. In this course we consider how sound can play a role in designing Systems of Smart Things by exploring different approaches to using sound, ranging from speech to non-speech, from symbolic to expressive, from localized sound to sound ecologies, and more. Encompassing a mix of theoretical knowledge and hands-on design work we explore the strengths of the auditory modality within the inherently multimodal and holistic experience of our digital/physical environment.
Course period1/09/19 → …
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