In this course you will learn design of advanced RF transceivers circuits, both schematic and layout. The course will cover the subcircuits most often found in modern transceivers, such as low-noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, mixers, oscillators and synthesizers. Other circuits such as frequency dividers, beam formers, phase shifters, switches, filters, matching networks etc. will be discussed depending on interest & available time. During this course, students will be working on analysis and synthesis of circuit topologies for the mentioned RF transceiver blocks individually and in a group. The course is set up in a flipped classroom format with most lectures dedicated to reviewing and discussing designs by students. The supporting materials and content will be provided to the students in the form of slides, books, self-assessment quizzes, video lectures, design recipes, and tool documentation. A lab is included where teams of students build and analyze an RF transceiver. Depending on interest and possibilities, the last lecture can be replaced by an excursion or guest lecture.
Course period1/09/15 → …
Course formatCourse