Responsible innovation for the world - make it matter!



In the Learning Line Responsible Innovation for the World you will learn how to develop responsible innovations for the world. You will work on real-life projects and will be supervised by entrepreneurs and innovators from the private and public sector. Throughout the 3 quartiles you will work in groups in the Innovation Space on concrete innovations. In quartile 1 you learn about why and how “context matters” – and apply this to your respective innovation projects. Quartile 2’s motto is “make it matter” – and you start making concrete design decisions for your innovations and begin concretizing/manifesting your ideas. Quartile 3 will be about making sure that your responsible innovation will actually “land” in the world and make an impact. Watch the videos, to get an impression: or or
Course period1/09/1831/08/22
Course levelDeepening
Course formatCourse