Programming and Linear Algebra



This course provides elementary programming skills in Python tailored to the Chemical Engineering and Chemistry bachelor curriculum. It covers the installation of Python and use of an Integrated Development Environment, and abstraction of a problem into a (pseudo)-program. Basic conventions and principles on programming in Python, such as variables, lists and functions, branching and loops are discussed. A selection of functionalities provided by useful scientific libraries (i.e. NumPy, SciPy and Matplotlib), will be outlined as well, allowing the students to become familiar with more advanced functionalities, such as plotting, performing data analysis and the use of numerical solvers (systems of linear and nonlinear equations, ordinary differential equations). Furthermore, linear algebra is studied. This allows to work with vectors and matrices which can help for example to be able to solve systems of linear equations and solving systems of linear differential equations.
Course period1/09/23 → …
Course levelIntroductory
Course formatCourse