Physics of energy: sources, transport and storage



The energy transition is already taking place, but it is only beginning: although the installed capacity of wind turbines and solar panels is growing fast, it still does not even meet 5% of the global energy demand. In addition to the challenges of successfully implementing renewables on the necessary scale, the mismatch between supply and demand needs to be taken into account, because of the intermittent character of cleaner energy sources, such as wind and solar. Therefore, a successful energy transition must satisfy also the challenge of energy storage. This course addresses the physics challenges of energy conversion and storage by means of lectures, exercises and hands-on activities focusing on the principles of thermodynamics. Moreover, this course provides an in-depth analysis and knowledge of the state-of-the art renewable energy technologies and energy storage, such as highly efficient photovoltaics, nuclear fusion, solar fuels, batteries and thermo-chemical storage materials. These focus sessions consist of lectures by highly renown experts at TU/e and DIFFER, hands-on activities and group-assignments.
Course period1/09/1231/08/24
Course levelIntroductory
Course formatCourse