Electric drive systems



Electrical drives are used in numerous applications, ranging from very low power drives (like opening and closing a CD player tray) up to drives of many tens of MegaWatts as used for pumping, dredging and mining. Roughly halfway this power range we find the drive systems used for the traction of vehicles such as cars, trucks, trains or buses, but also for many auxiliary vehicle functions (windscreen wiper, windows, fuel pump). The course 5XWB0 addresses the main technologies as used in modern electric drive systems, mainly for automotive applications: motion, electrical motors, power electronics, modelling, control, and battery systems. The “classic” DC motor with brushes and commutator and the “modern” PMSM motor are treated in detail, together with the associated electronic circuits and control systems. A laboratory assignment is used to apply the theory in practice.
Course period1/09/13 → …
Course levelAdvanced
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